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We are Camden County's ONLY authorized wine shipper

Wine, Champagne,  and Sake… Oh My! 

YES…we now offer our customers the convenience and affordability of wine shipping.   

Have you ever needed to ship a bottle of wine as a gift or have you ever wanted to send a few cases of wine to meet you on vacation?  We can help you with that!  Mail & More now ships wine through UPS. Are you a collector of wine and need to move it?   No problem because we can help you with that too.  Moving a wine collection can be a difficult.  Your wine is expensive, delicate and demanding.    Mail & More has special boxes specifically for wine shipping.  Depending on the value of your wine collection, we suggest you prepare an inventory with photos and have your collection appraised prior to shipping.

Keep in mind, in order to preserve your wine during shipping; you have to maintain certain conditions. Fluctuations in temperature, humidity and light can result in irreversible consequences.   Shipping wine across country needs good planning and extra financials. 

Weather conditions need to be taken into consideration when shipping wine.  Air services are recommended over ground services in the summer.  Try to avoid ground service during extremely hot months.   There is no insurance or refunds for heat damaged wine.  Monday is the best day to ship during the summer months.   Additionally, under rare circumstances extreme cold can damage wine.  Wine freezes at about 19 degrees.  If wine is exposed to temperatures that low for 3 or more consecutive days, it will damage the wine. 

We can ship wine domestically to all states except MA, ND, NH, and UT.  We also ship wine Internationally to 80 countries.  



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